For the Time Being , Microsoft won’t redesign their Surface Laptop 3’s SSD at a Microsoft Store

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With Microsoft charging $400 or so for a SSD redesign, a DIY approach bodes well. In any case, Microsoft’s being somewhat hesitant on whether they’ll do it for people.

While Microsoft touted the workableness of the SSD inside the Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Pro X at the dispatch, Microsoft Store administration operators disclose to PCWorld that the drive is replaceable, yet not upgradable, by Microsoft Store representatives. For the time being.

In the event that you attempt it theirself, however, people could void their guarantee.

It is anything but a scholarly question. The Surface Laptop 3 is the first Microsoft Surface Laptop with a workable hard drive, however Microsoft’s item page hoses your spirits right away. “Hard drive is not user removable,” it says. “Hard drive is only removable by skilled technician following Microsoft provided instructions.”

In any case, Microsoft’s costs additionally make it worth further investigation. They’re insane: A 13.5 Surface Laptop 3 with a Core i7/16GB/256GB arrangement costs $1,599. A variant with a 512GB SSD costs $1,999, or $400 more. Purchasing a design with a 256GB SSD inside and afterward redesigning it yourself, or by means of the Microsoft Store, would bode well. In the event that it were conceivable, that is.

What Microsoft let us know

PCWorld called three Microsoft Stores, and asked administration specialists what the procedure may be for supplanting the Surface Laptop 3’s SSD. Answers to some degree differed, as the administration specialists needed to handle various calls. However, in each of the three cases we were informed that it basically wouldn’t be conceivable to purchase a low-end Surface Laptop 3 and have it redesigned in the Store. Microsoft delegates, however, included a basic admonition, however: for the time being.

That is on the grounds that, in any event as per one specialized help staff member, the SSD inside the Surface Laptop 3 isn’t upgradable, simply replaceable. Having the option to supplant the SSD inside a Surface Laptop 3 is a specialized accommodation in the event that a client needs to supplant the Laptop, yet spare their information, or relocate the information over to another machine. (People question that there are any specialized restrictions to redesigning the SSD, yet that is the thing that we were told.) That announcement was upheld up by a business staff member at a subsequent store, who said that she had looked into the issue with a few on location bolster professionals. A staff member at a third store let us know, in light of our inquiry of whether Store staff would redesign the Laptop 3: “Basically, the answer is no.”

That is valid, Microsoft agents affirmed: All fixes must be overhauled by a Microsoft approved specialist co-op, with a Microsoft Store explicitly prescribed.

“Depending on the model and technical issue, Microsoft Stores can help with swapping the SSD into a similar device,” Microsoft representatives said in a statement. “However, they are unable to do an upgrade at this time.” (Italics were a piece of the first messaged explanation.)

The Microsoft Store staff member disclosed to us that while there’s nothing keeping a client from overhauling their Laptop 3, people risk voiding the producer guarantee “if something turns out badly.” It sounds like there’s a special case, in any case, as they revealed to us that Microsoft Complete, a guarantee that spreads coincidental harm to a Surface or Xbox—would cover it.

Microsoft discloses to us that simply opening the Surface Laptop 3 won’t void the guarantee—yet truly, the constrained maker guarantee won’t cover any harm that happens as a result of it. (Microsoft still can’t seem to affirm whether Microsoft Complete will cover any harm.)

At the Surface dispatch in New York City, boss item official Panos Panay flaunted how available the Surface Laptop 3 truly is, with a video that evidently requires evacuating the elastic guard “feet” on in any event two of the sides of the Surface Laptop 3, at that point expelling a star screw. The highest point of the Laptop should then be removable. The CGI rendering of the SSD makes it resemble a mSATA drive, however with a solitary screw. Microsoft delegates, in any case, said that it’s a M.2 NVMe SSD.

Panay said at the time that the Laptop 3 was intended for feel first. “Most of the time when you make a product that’s serviceable, there’s weight, there’s extra thickness, you’ll see what I call trap doors—I can’t look at them, they drive me crazy,” Panay said at the event. “But on this product we’ve done none of that.”

Panos additionally cautioned clients not to attempt this at home. “Don’t do that,” he said. “Don’t send me the tweet that says I tried to rip the top off and now it’s broken, and it’s your fault. So do not do that.” sooner or later, however, it’s conceivable that Microsoft Stores might have the option to step in and take care of the issue.

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